Lebanese food delivery in Hull

While Hull lies on the beautiful River Humber, sometimes we have a hankering for olive groves and exotic spices. When you feel the need for food from a faraway land, take a look at Deliveroo’s Lebanese restaurant listings for Hull and order yourself a mouth-watering meal full of Lebanese flavours.

Let the heady aromatic scents of pomegranate, mint, za’taar and sumac waft through your home when you order online from Deliveroo’s fabulous range of menus. A tasty bowl of hummus topped with sunflower seeds, baba ganoush (roasted aubergine dip), batata harra (spicy potatoes), a local peasant salad of bulgar wheat fattoush, or deep fried falafel (deep-fried balls made from chickpea and spices) served with minty yoghurt dressing in a soft warm pitta bread could all be yours to enjoy without leaving your sofa. Just order online and we’ll have your Lebanese delivery ready in no time.

Hull: Luxuriate with exotic Lebanese food

Nothing perks up the senses like a meal filled with exotic spices and flavours. Perhaps none are quite as exciting as Lebanese. Whether you’re new to the cuisine or an old hand, Deliveroo’s range of online menus, gathered from the best-quality restaurants in Hull, will help you choose your favourite dishes. So inject a little spice into your life after a hard day at work or treat your friends to a banquet of Middle Eastern food without leaving the house.

Meat eaters might enjoy kibbeh meat patties served with a yoghurt dressing, or juicy lamb kebabs with warm pitta bread. Try some beautiful stuffed courgette flowers for an indulgent treat or some tried and tested falafels with all the trimmings. Marinated shawarma is a feast that can be shared with the whole family. Don’t forget to order something sweet for afters. Lebanese desserts are decadent and the perfect end to a meal, whether it is pistachio-studded baklava or a cardamom-scented rice pudding.

So if you want takeaway food with style, look no further than Deliveroo’s online restaurant menus that bring you the best of Hull’s Lebanese fine dining food to enjoy at home.