Lebanese food delivery in Ellesmere Port

Lebanese food is an up and coming cuisine, already loved by many a food connoisseur. So why not join the many people experiencing this kind of tremendously tasty treat for the first time? OK. Let’s imagine you’re ready to go to a restaurant but you put your coat down – it’s cold and wet outside. You can just let Deliveroo wait on you hand and foot, and bring you the very best Lebanese food that there is to offer.

Lebanese cooking is full of those aromatic spices that you associate the Middle East with. Yet incredibly, the Lebanese have their own special twist to single themselves out from the crowd. Take the nakaneek for example, a charcoal-grilled sausage which is secretly abundant with Lebanese firecracker spice.

However, Lebanese food is not all about spice, there are plenty more ways that this type of special cuisine can get your juices going.

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When ordering takeaway food from Deliveroo, look no further than a mezze, hot and cold small dishes which are incredibly big in flavour for you and your family to enjoy. As well as well-known food like halloumi, hummus and falafel, popular native dishes include baba ghanoush, the best aubergine plate that you could ever wish for, and a kibbeh shamiya, a luscious Lebanese samosa which contains a variety of delicious pine nuts.

A lot of the meat and fish in Lebanese food is charcoal-grilled, which brings that earthy, smoky aroma and that extra-satisfying taste, so if you’ve never tried samek meshawi, a whole sea bream, you’re seriously missing out on a flavour sensation. Alternatively, why not go for that Italian-Lebanese fusion with a manakeesh pizza – the Middle Eastern take on the dough is something to behold. Vegetarians are also catered for. A Lebanese moussaka can be your golden ticket if meat isn’t your thing. The soft, healthy chickpeas and splash of cumin spice are a perfect foil for the tenderness of the baked aubergines.

With all this choice, you’re certainly spoilt. So, do the unusual today and order some Lebanese cuisine. You seriously won’t regret it.