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Are you ready to put a little extra spice in your life? Then it’s time for a little Indian cuisine. India’s cultural diversity has given its gastronomy a fascinating clutch of influences. You’d be forgiven for letting curry pop into your mind every time you think of Indian cuisine, but there are plenty of other traditional dishes on offer that vary from region to region. North Indian food is often cooked with a healthy vegetable called hak, but in the West, cuisine carries the spirit of the desert, expressed through pickles and addictive achars. Once you’ve tasted the latter, you’ll be seeking it out at every Indian takeaway in Ellesmere-Port. East India gave the cuisine a creamy, delicate flavour. Not to be outdone, the south introduced the chilli, which delivers delicious bursts of fire. Lentils are one of the nation’s staples, and when they’re rounded off with kale or celery, they pass the taste test with aplomb. Dahl is almost too yummy to possibly be good for you, but it is all that and much more. Indian cuisine combines six main tastes: pungent, sour, bitter, salty, sweet, and astringent. Get the taste of India delivered to your door by Deliveroo.

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