Lebanese food delivery in Dundee

Lebanese food is fresh, fragrant, healthy and nutritious - perfect for an evening meal. Chefs in Lebanese restaurants carefully pick and add selected ingredients to their dishes. It’s no wonder that this cuisine’s global profile has been skyrocketing over the last few years. If you wish to munch on tasty Lebanese food in Dundee, then order your favourite dishes from Deliveroo’s online platform. The best part is that Deliveroo gives you the option of home delivery as well as takeaway

Knafeh, a delicious alternative to English cheesecake, is a traditional Lebanese sweet. Made of nabusi cheese, the dish features a unique colour, courtesy of rose and orange blossom water. Shawarma is a proper version of a kebab, and contains beautifully skewered chicken, salad and garlic puree wrapped in pita bread. It’s totally delicious. If you wish to experience premium Lebanese food in Dundee, just pick a restaurant on Deliveroo and place your orders.

Dundee: The best Lebanese cuisine brought straight to you

The people of Lebanon savour Lebanese street food with utmost delight. Be it a heavy, appetising meal or a light evening snack, street food lures people from across the world to Lebanon. Roadside Lebanese stalls and restaurants sell everything from stuffed pitas to falafel, corn or meat dishes and sweets. It’s hard to find such a warm and welcoming atmosphere in Dundee. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy Lebanese food in the comfortable settings of your home.

Shawarma is Lebanon’s reply to Mexican tacos. This sandwich-like dish contains pita bread stuffed with skewered meat, tahineh, pickles and juicy filling ingredients. Kebbe or stuffed meatballs are made of bulgur wheat and minced meat. They make tasty snacks with an evening coffee. However, if you wish to satisfy your dessert cravings, you must try badem tatlisi. This sweet and spongy almond cake tastes absolutely delicious when served with a glass of red wine.

If you crave for authentic Lebanese street food, make sure that you place an order via Deliveroo’s online platform. Deliveroo features a range of Lebanese restaurants that offer takeaway and home delivery in Dundee. So go ahead and order your favourite Lebanese street food today.