Lebanese food delivery in Chester

Are you someone who doesn’t shy away from pungent flavours? If so, a takeaway delivery of Lebanese food may be just the ticket. Punctuated by generous (and we really do mean generous) lashings of olive oil, lemon juice and garlic, the various meat, pulse and vegetable dishes of Lebanon are alive with impactful tastes.

Why not settle in with some authentic Lebanese fare? There’s no need to set foot in the kitchen, or put on your shoes and traipse out to a restaurant, for that matter, with our efficient service. Deliveroo’s listings bring together all the menus from Chester’s Lebanese food establishments to make the process of getting a tasty bite a simple affair. Take it easy and let Deliveroo bring a barnstorming Middle-Eastern pleasure to your table today.

Chester: Lebanese fare for a Roman fortress

Slathered over your chargrilled lamb kebabs or spread thickly over a warm-from-the-oven pitta bread, Lebanon features some of the most amazing dipping foods on the face of earth. Don’t forget about them when you order your main! There’s baba ganoush, a blend of tahini, lemon juice and chargrilled aubergine; tabbouleh, a mix of red onions, tomatoes and fresh parsley; and, finally, hummus – pulverised chickpeas mixed with tahini, paprika and lots of olive oil.

If you’re new to Lebanese food, a safe bet would be to check out some of the country’s signature offerings. Lebanon’s national dish is called kibbeh. These croquette-like, torpedo-shaped bites are filled with minced beef or lamb, bulger wheat, sautéed onions and pine nuts. And it goes without saying that this classic will be even better once you’ve dunked them in hummus or baba ganoush!

Lebanon has a pretty great handle on desserts, too. Why not add some baklava to your delivery? A favourite in many Middle Eastern countries, this triangular-cut filo-pastry layered dessert – which has its origins in Lebanon – is filled with honey, pistachio nuts and orange blossom syrup. Its overall sticky decadence will fulfil the desires of the most ardent sweet-toothed person in your home!