Lebanese delivery in Cheltenham

Bring a little Middle Eastern magic into your life and swap your usual takeaway for restaurant-quality food. At Deliveroo, we’ve done all the hard work by gathering together the menus of the city’s very best Lebanese eateries in one place, so there’s plenty of dishes to choose from. Once you’ve decided what you fancy, all you have to do is order with a few clicks and let us whisk a Lebanese feast to your door.

Lebanese cuisine is great when you feel like something that’s a little bit different, but also supremely satisfying. It’s surprisingly varied and versatile, with something to suit many occasions and palates. Whether you’re looking for a quick and filling lunch or snack, a decadent dinner or a feast to share with friends, you’re sure to find something that suits you perfectly. Just head to our online menu listings now to make your choice.

Cheltenham: Let Deliveroo deliver Lebanese goodies to your door

Lebanese food includes satisfyingly meaty dishes, such as lamb kebabs grilled over charcoal. Served with a warm flatbread, they make a thoroughly satisfying lunch or snack. Many delicious fish dishes are also available, inspired by the sparkling waters of the Eastern Mediterranean.

If anything, however, vegetarians are best catered for by Lebanese food, with a wide selection of delicious and satisfying meat-free meals on offer. Chickpea falafel is a tasty and filling choice, while there is also a range of vegetable dishes featuring ingredients such as chargrilled aubergine. Dips such as hummus and tahini are just waiting to be dipped in with warm flatbread – it’s incredibly moreish. For a lighter option, meanwhile, there are salads such as tabbouleh featuring bulgur wheat and chopped herbs.

A great way to enjoy a range of Lebanese flavours is to order a range of hot and cold mezze dishes to share. These can include any of the foods mentioned already, as well as delights such as olives and stuffed vine leaves. For pudding, try some baklava, a sweet treat that’s not to be missed! To order your Lebanese feast or meal-for-one treat, just visit our online listings now, and order with a few clicks.