Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Swansea restaurants

Wales’ second largest city, Swansea, has a seemingly insatiable demand for international cuisine – Japanese food included. The island nation of Japan is world-renowned for its fresh and exciting cooking. Experience light soups, thick noodles, chic sushi and more when you try out this cuisine. Its popularity keeps rising, and shows no signs of slowing down yet.

The city’s busy streets play host to popular pan-Asian chain restaurants as well as bespoke cafes devoted to Japanese cuisine. So brandish your chopsticks, browse the restaurants we have on offer and place an order with Deliveroo. We’ll bring the freshest and fastest in Japanese food straight to your home or work. From starters, to sides, to matcha cheesecake dessert, enjoy Japanese takeaway in a whole new way.

Swansea: Embracing Japanese traditions for freshness and flavour

Food from Japan is famous for its fresh and light ingredients, steamed to perfection or served raw. That’s where sushi comes in –  the most famous Japanese dish in the world is made of finely sliced raw fish, vinegared rice, and a little bit of nori seaweed.  But don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Swansea’s coastal location means freshly caught fish can be served up on your plate within hours of being caught,

Branch out further and try something different, like the famous katsu curry. Japanese curry is sweeter and milder than Indian and South-East Asian versions, often flavoured with garam masala and just a hint of apple. Get it with a crispy, deep-fried breaded cutlet for a little slice of Japan at home.

So if you’re lacking in confidence when it comes to wielding chopsticks, don’t let your love of noodles go ignored. Instead, bring the restaurant to you with a delivery from Deliveroo. We’ll deliver your meal steaming hot and ready to eat right away. Get your chopsticks at the ready and settle back for an evening of feasting courtesy of the Land of the Rising Sun – and Deliveroo.