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Swansea, Wales' second city, is known for its salt marsh lamb as well as the cockles sourced from the estuary. If you prefer a pizza, however, you're in luck. Plenty of establishments, from local takeaways to classic Italian ristorantes, serve Italy's most scrumptious export. Neapolitan pizza that comes with minimal toppings. Its ingredients include basil, buffalo mozzarella cheese, and San Marzano tomato sauce; sometimes, less is more! If it really is more you are after, however, indulge in a celebration of meat; some pizzas have three or four different meaty toppings, from spicy pepperoni sausage to barbecued chicken. Other types of pizza you can order in Swansea include stromboli, the classic Margherita, Chicago deep-pan, and calzone. The latter is a folded pizza which is stuffed with cheese and ham or salami, and some restaurants even throw an egg in there for good measure - without the shell, of course. Some cuisines have fused with pizza, and so you can get toppings that include doner kebab, chicken curry or fiery Mexican jalapenos. With so many options, you can order something new each time. While the task of choosing might be a difficult one, what happens after that is not; simply order your pizza and we will make sure it gets to you.

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