Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Shrewsbury restaurants

Japanese cuisine has quickly become known as one of the most stylish and unique takeaway options out there, and with its fresh, traditional and tasty dishes, it comes as little surprise that the demand for such food is increasing. As a result, at Deliveroo we have made it as easy as possible for you to enjoy such food, with an order from us bringing a taste of downtown Tokyo straight to your door. So, whether you are familiar with the delights of Japanese food, or are looking to try something new, place an order with us today.  

With the finest chefs in Shrewsbury preparing traditional Japanese food that is famously nutritious, thanks to super-fresh, seasonal products, you will certainly not be disappointed. Dishes such as sushi, rice, noodles, kobe beef and teriyaki chicken are just a sample of what is on offer from our online Japanese menus. 

Shrewsbury: Delicate Japanese delights, perfectly prepared

When it comes to food, the Japanese are among the most enthusiastic and passionate around, and this certainly shows in the dishes on offer at Deliveroo. The likes of tasty vegetables, muki beans, pumpkin seeds and an array of sauces help to create delicious dishes, with Japanese cuisine ideally suited to filling any hungry stomach.   

Beef noodle soup, chicken katsu, and Taiwanese rice are just three of the most popular meat dishes available, however there are also plenty of vegetarian options to satisfy everyone’s needs. Exciting dishes such as tofu katsu bento and miso soup are guaranteed to get the juices flowing, with a whole host of sides and desserts available to order also. And that’s before even considering the famous sushi, almost a cuisine to itself, with its almost endless exciting variations, which are well covered by our online menus. 

So, if you are looking for something a little different today, placing a Japanese food order with us is certainly the way to go, with piping hot, tasty meals delivered to you within minutes from one of our partner restaurants. Whatever the occasion, enjoy a taste of the Pacific Ocean in the comfort of your own home.