Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Sevenoaks restaurants

When you want a taste of exotic and far-away places but don’t have the time to jump on a plane, browse through the Deliveroo Japanese restaurants listings section for Sevenoaks. You will be met with a taste of the beautiful Far East and with Deliveroo it will be delivered right to your door.

Japan may be on the other side of the world, but now you can enjoy its incredible cuisine without leaving the house, thanks to our restaurant takeaway service. So, go online and order yourself a bowl of katsu curry with sticky white rice, a plate of intricately-made colourful California rolls, a bowl of thick brown soba noodles in a hot-soy dashi broth or some mouth-watering ramen with vivid bok choi and boiled eggs. There’s so much choice! This is feel-good food for delivery that will give your evening meal a real lift.

A taste of the Far East with Japanese food in Sevenoaks

Sometimes we all crave food that is a little different from the norm. Now, thanks to Deliveroo which bring restaurant food to your door, you can choose your favourite Japanese dishes from our fabulous online menus. Why not invite your friends or family to enjoy a fantastic Far Eastern banquet all in the comfort of home?

Unusual flavours, textures and ingredients make Japanese food exotic and beautiful. Try a bowl of yako soba fried noodles with slow roasted pork, tonkatsu chicken with its panko breadcrumb coating, delicious delicately battered tempura vegetables or king prawns, as well as agedashi tofu deep fried and served in a hot warming broth or some mouth-watering gyoza dumplings stuffed with pork, spring onions, garlic and ginger.

Experience the Japanese ethos of flavour which along with sweet, savoury, salty and bitter includes umami – one of the five basic tastes unique to this country. This deeply savoury flavour is evoked in soy sauce and seaweed, two very well-loved Japanese ingredients. So, from takati raw tuna to glutinous rice balls, order a taste of this exotic country and enjoy it without leaving the house. That’s because we do all the hard work for you! Enjoy.