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Although Sevenoaks is a typically historic English town, you can find Chinese takeaways in the area. Chinese food is frequently cooked in a wok using mainly ground peanut oil. Popular seasonings include peppercorns and ginger. A dish that originates from south-west China is kung pao chicken. It consists of stir-fried chicken and peanuts mixed with seasonal vegetables and spicy Sichuan peppercorns. An alternative dish is Szechuan chilli chicken, which is usually marinated in traditional ingredients such as peppercorns, chillies and ginger. It is often served with a choice of noodles or rice. Many people enjoy the variety of tastes found in dim sums from Canton. These include various types of dumplings made primarily with pork that are often steamed in bamboo baskets. Other ingredients can include leeks, chives and prawns. They are traditionally served with green tea. Spring rolls also offer a tasty range of ingredients and flavours. Usually served as a starter, these small, tubular wraps can be filled with many different ingredients such as prawns, leeks, mushrooms, nuts and rice. Whenever you would like to try a Chinese takeaway featuring typical Oriental flavours, Deliveroo can deliver your order to your home.

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