Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Norwich restaurants

Japanese food is not just a cuisine style—it’s a lifestyle. The country of Japan consists of a collection of islands surrounded by an ocean, so for centuries, its people have taken advantage of its abundance of seafood. It’s about far more than just the fish, though. Japan has a long history of Zen-like meditation and minimalism in all it does, and this carries over to its flavors. Japanese cuisine, though simple, is among the freshest and most delicious in the world.

Lest we forget the flavours of Japan’s largest contribution to the world’s culinary canon—the fresh and often raw goodness of sushi and sashimi. Alas, who wants to experience the flavors of Japan in a crowded restaurant? Norwich, we know that you have your favorite Japanese restaurants here in town. Now, thanks to Deliveroo, you can bypass this not-so-Zenlike experience and enjoy delicious dishes in the comfort of your own home.

Norwich: Japanese food to enchant the senses

Deliveroo makes your next order of gyoza as close as your front door. Just pop in your post code into the website, and you’ll be able to view the menus of several of the finest Japanese restaurants in the local area. Once you’ve chosen all the seafood, soup, and sauces you can handle, place your order, and we’ll bring the tastes of Japan directly to you.

If you want to enjoy your meal in the ultimate state of zen, then why not eat it at home? You can take your time choosing dishes and ordering whatever you want, and nobody can judge you if you have trouble with chopsticks. Eat sukiyaki hotpot in peace, or share the meal with your friends. Or try Japan’s comfort food, okonomiyaki, a thick pancake made with whatever you like in it.

Our team’s standing by, ready to deliver you your next order of teriyaki chicken or yakitori skewers. The flavours of Japan can be reached so easily now: all you need to do is order delicious food to your door. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying something new or an old hand at Japanese food; make your culinary journey with Deliveroo.