Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Ellesmere Port restaurants

It’s been a while since Ellesmere Port said ‘konnichiwa’ to its Japanese restaurants, yet only now are they really starting to be uncovered by the public. See what all the fuss is about by browsing and ordering with Deliveroo’s tantalising online menu listings for the town, and let us send your order straight to your door.

Japanese food is so diverse, it’s unreal. Yes, there is the well-renowned sushi, but there’s also so much more to feast your eyes on. Teppanyaki (that’s stir-fried noodles to us mere mortals) for example, is as heart-warming and comforting a plate of food as you can get, as well as coming in an array of exciting and exotic flavours. But this is only the start of your unique dining experience. So, get the table set and let Deliveroo bring a takeaway that will truly satisfy your taste buds.

From the streets of Tokyo to your house In Ellesmere Port

Tokyo is such an exciting and vibrant city that its cuisine had to reach the same heights, and it does in abundance. There really is something for everyone to get their teeth into. If you’re a meat-and-two-veg kind of guy, then you could do no wrong in ordering a shirodashi ramen; succulent pieces of pork belly with soft, luxurious noodles in a rich, chicken broth. There’s even a delightful Japanese-style omelette (yasai ramen), for those who don’t fancy too much of an adventure, yet the flavours are just as intense as the rest of the cuisine.

Like many Asian countries, Japan also does a mean curry. If you like spice and all things nice, look no further than firecracker chicken, or if you’re in a fishy kind of mood, firecracker prawns. Your family and friends will certainly be impressed as you tackle its incredible levels of heat! The katsu curry is also a popular choice and can come with meat or as a vegetable option. The sweet potato, aubergine and butternut squash choice is really a melt-in-your-mouth journey, just like the first time you saw the Blue Planet Aquarium in all its glory.