Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Dundee restaurants

In Dundee, you may think it’s hard to find a restaurant serving authentic Japanese food. Not just ramen and sushi, but takoyaki, oyakodon, shabu shabu and sukiyaki, dishes that are traditionally Japanese. Luckily it’s easy thanks to Deliveroo. Just go online and take a look at our Japanese restaurant menus to grab a scrumptious Japanese takeaway for home delivery that will make your mouth water.

Takoyaki, fried octopus coated in batter and seasoned with bonito, seaweed, and mayonnaise makes a delectable snack. Sukiyaki, on the other hand, is sliced beef, noodles and vegetables simmered in a sweet broth. oyakodon or is a chicken, egg and onion dish simmered with soy-based sauce served with steamed, puffy rice. Shabu-shabu, a hotpot containing assorted meats and vegetables, is equally mouth-watering. So go ahead, and order your favourite Japanese snack from Deliveroo.

Dundee: Fantastic Japanese food available for home delivery

Japanese food is a combination of seasonal dishes and regional ingredients and is much more than just ramen and sushi. The best part about Japanese cuisine is that it's light, healthy and ideal for a quick snack or speedy dinner. If you feel like having authentic Japanese food in Dundee, make sure that you place your order with Deliveroo and you’ll be able to enjoy it from the comfort of home

Kaiseki ryori is Japanese haute cuisine, and some restaurants may even serve you these gourmet dishes. If you crave a steaming bowl of noodles, then you've got your choice of udon, soba or ramen noodles to fill the broth. Crispy prawn tempura with a spicy dipping sauce or a side order of miso soup can help make you feel like you're really in Tokyo.

Deliveroo offers the option of home delivery or takeaway so you can now have your favourite Japanese dishes to enjoy at home, great when you want to share a relaxed dinner with friends. So check out the wide range of online restaurant menus for the best Japanese food in Dundee, and itadakimasu.