Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Cambridge restaurants

Unique and enchanting Japan creatively combines breath-taking natural panorama with a fast, cosmopolitan lifestyle. This blend is evident in Japanese cuisine which includes a plethora of gastronomical delights, ranging from international appetisers to regional dishes and seasonal deserts. Traditional Japanese restaurants were actually food stands that served classic ryotei with rice and curry by the seaside. It isn’t possible to enjoy the unique land of the rising sun when you’re in a remote location like Cambridge. However, you can certainly rely on Deliveroo for authentic Japanese food delivery.

Deliveroo’s versatile restaurants features lip-smacking Japanese takeaway with signature dishes like ramen (noodles in broth) and sushi (raw fish served on rice). Well-trained chefs present unagi (grilled river eel), tempura (deep-fried vegetables and seafood) and yakiton (charcoal grilled chicken). So, what are you waiting for? Place your order at Deliveroo to experience lip-smacking Japanese dishes.

Cambridge: Enjoy authentic Japanese food at home courtesy of Deliveroo

Japan, a beautiful coastal country that enjoys stunning landscape and strong cultural identity, takes pride in its deliciously fresh regional cuisine. Japanese food is all about rice, green vegetables, selected herbs and seafood. Since it’s a long way to visit a traditional restaurant in Japan, Deliveroo brings you the finest selection of Japanese takeaways in Cambridge, which is an increasingly popular destination for students.

Some of the finest dishes showcased by Deliveroo include soba, unagi and shabu. While soba are long, thin buckwheat noodles dipped in soy-flavoured broth, shabu or shabu-shabu is a bubbling broth with thinly sliced beef or pork. Unagi is grilled river eel coated in sweet barbecue sauce. Not to mention Japan’s signature dishes—ramen and sushi are instant hits among students. Ramen noodles are soupy and dipped in pork bone, soy sauce or miso, whereas sushi is raw fish (sea urchin or sweet shrimp) served on steamed rice and vinegar.

Both ramen and sushi are humble, time-savvy street food. Having said all this, can you resist a piping hot Japanese delivery at your doorstep? When you feel like having authentic Japanese food in Cambridge, just get in touch with Deliveroo!