Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Bristol restaurants

Bristol may not be the sunniest part of the UK, but that doesn’t mean its residents aren’t health-conscious sun lovers. With food as colourful as the cuisine from Japan, you can have food for every season without damaging the waistline. With an impressive range of dishes, from breakfast to dessert, Japanese is more than the average takeaway. It’s not a coincidence that the Japanese live long lives, as the food they eat is prepared and cooked carefully.

The sheer variety of Japanese dishes is what makes this Far Eastern cuisine so popular in Bristol. Most people choose to order in pizzas and Chinese food but trying something new is never a bad thing. With Deliveroo’s online listings, you can choose the best Japanese restaurant in the city and order dishes like chicken katsu curry and gyoza for home delivery. There’s no schlepping out as Deliveroo deliver to your door.

Bristol: Exploring new dishes without leaving the house

Japanese food is known for celebrating each season as it comes in. ‘Tasting the seasons’, where the cook follows the food seasons, is the way to go! The chefs in Japan take enormous pride in what they do, and in the cooking they do daily, and that is no different for the Japanese chefs across Bristol.

There’s so many choices on a Japanese menu that it can be tough to know where to start. If you’re feeling adventurous, try out snow crab and mango as a starter. Teriyaki sirloin steak is both sweet and salty, giving the taste buds something to remember. If you want hearty, traditional food then the katsudon is the dish to choose – crisp breadcrumbs covering delicious pork, with egg and rice. Simple? Yes. Delicious? Absolutely! Fresh produce cooked in a Japanese way is going to give you an experience you won’t forget.

You can sink your teeth into matcha sundaes, noodle soups and the most delicious kobe beef with your online order. Or grab a side of crispy seaweed sushi and fried croquettes. Whatever your choice, Japanese food is bound to become a fixture in your dining.