Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Belfast restaurants

In recent years, Japanese food has become more and more popular across the UK and nowhere more so than in Belfast. This thriving and diverse city has many Japanese restaurants serving authentic and exciting food, including lots of sushi that is hand rolled to perfection. Japanese food has delicate and balanced flavours based on fresh ingredients and is generally low fat and healthy cuisine, making it a great choice for a takeaway meal.  

Ideal for feeding a large group of family or friends, the exotic nature of Japanese dishes makes it an excitingly different meal. With lots of small dishes on offer, it’s easy for people to pick and choose, mix and match, and enjoy many different tastes and ingredients. Whether you fancy sushi, noodles or rice dishes, choose from our listings and Deliveroo will drop your delivery order off right at your door.  

Belfast: try something different with Japanese takeaway

Japanese food uses seasonal ingredients, with an emphasis on fresh and subtly complex flavours. Seafood is common, and is often grilled, pickled or raw (sashimi), although sometimes it’s deep-fried in a light batter called tempura. Meat occasionally makes an appearance, although less so than in other cuisines, making it an ideal takeaway for pescetarians, vegetarians and vegans.  

Rice is a staple of Japanese cuisine, along with soba (long, thin buckwheat noodles) and udon noodles. Ramen (egg noodles in a salty, savoury broth,) has become hugely popular recently and can be ordered in a huge variety of flavours, including pork bone (tonkotsu), miso, salt and soy sauce. For something unusual try unagi, char-grilled eel covered in a sweet barbecue sauce.  

For meat lovers, there’s shabu-shabu, thin slices of pork or beef in a hot and savoury broth. Or okonomiyaki, a savoury pancake stuffed with different ingredients, including pork and cabbage, covered in bonito fish flakes, mayonnaise, dry seaweed flakes and sauce. Don’t forget to load up on desserts and drinks to complement your Japanese feast – Deliveroo can help you with all the finishing touches. So order in your Japanese feast today and enjoy!