Order Italian takeaway from nearby Glasgow restaurants

The vast and vibrant urban city of Glasgow has long brought cultures from around the world together and the Italians are no exception. In fact, Scotland has a proud and far-reaching history of Italians emigrating and settling here; and we’re lucky that they did! It is thanks to the Italians that we have fish and chips and ice cream after all! Pay homage to our bold Italian roots; check out Deliveroo’s Italian section for Glasgow, place your order and get ready for a night in Italian style!

Pizza, pasta, ravioli, calzone, ice cream, affogato, tiramisu...the list of what Italians have brought to Scotland is almost endless. Thanks to them we don’t have to fly to Italy every time we want to taste a delicious pizza or enjoy a bowl of langoustine linguini. And now, thanks to Deliveroo we don’t even have to leave the house for restaurant-quality Italian food!

Glasgow: Living La Docle Vita

Generations of Italian families have come to Scotland’s shore and we are eternally grateful. Thanks to them we can have arguments about salt and vinegar, and salt and sauce on our fish and chips suppers which they brought from Italian shores. We can tuck into soft, floury rounds of mouth-watering pizzas oozing with melted cheese and other delights – now one of the nation’s favourite food treats!

We can twist spaghetti around our forks loaded with meatballs or bolognaise and dive into delicious salads, billowing creamy coffee-flavoured tiramisu or sink our teeth into crunchy rolls of cream-filled cannoli.

We can go on a journey across the various beautiful regions of Italy tasting the aromatic flavours of their homeland, from fresh herbs and olive oil to the citrus flavours of Sicily and Sardinia and ripe tomatoes of Napoli. We can sample delicate simple dishes made with love and the finest ingredients and enjoy mouth-watering Italian takeaways any night of the week. Whether it’s pizza for one or tagliatelle for two, we have the Italians to thank for our takeaway.