Order Indian takeaway from nearby Swindon restaurants

Indian takeaway is a national treasure and there’s good reason that chicken tikka masala appears on the menu of every Indian restaurant and takeaway joint in Britain. And after a long day, it’s a soothing dish, especially with rice and warm naan to mop up every remaining bit of sauce. But don’t stop there – Indian cuisine is full of surprises and gems to discover, and you can experience them all without leaving your house.

There’s no longer any need to waste time in restaurant queues or in your kitchen. Deliveroo’s Indian food section for Swindon is filled with top Indian restaurants for your next premium takeaway delivery. Now you can find the perfect aloo gobi or chicken biryani without succumbing to that dodgy place around the corner, or the ready-to-eat meals in your grocery store. Place your order and it will be on its way to your door in minutes.

Swindon: Spice up your palate with India’s exotic flavours

With Deliveroo, you no longer need to live near an Indian market or speciality store. You don't need to change your clothes, go shopping for long lists of ingredients in order to cook your favourite Indian meal. Unless you’re a pro, it will probably take all day to produce a small number of dishes and leave your kitchen a disaster. Ordering from us means you can indulge in something you’re unlikely to cook, especially since you probably don’t have a tandoori oven at home.

Indian for one when you’ve decided to stay in is fabulous, but with Indian food, the more is definitely the merrier. Next time you’re throwing a party or having a few friends over for dinner, consider ordering a selection of Indian sides and mains to share as a group. It’s a great chance to try something new and create your own Indian buffet.

And don't forget the drinks! Browse our menus for refreshing sodas, cold beer and authentic Indian drinks. From the popular and mainstream mango lassi to a glass of masala chai, Indian beverages are just as delicious as the food.