Indian takeaway from nearby Portmouth restaurants

Indian food is a comfort food like no other. With the blending of spices a traditional secret passed down from one generation to the next, you can bet that Portsmouth’s Indian chefs are working hard to maintain those traditions. With food this good, it’s hard not to say no to a feast delivered to you by Deliveroo. Whether you want tandoori seafood or a spicy hot curry, Indian food in Portsmouth is tastier than ever. There’s no need to battle through the elements to chow down on chapatti, Deliveroo can bring piping hot, restaurant-quality food to you at home.

Ordering online is becoming more popular but Deliveroo is a premium delivery service, specialising in top-quality cuisine. Dive into dahl and experience spicy, hot food or tuck into a tikka masala for less of a zing. Either way, our dedicated delivery team have your back.

Portsmouth: Enjoying restaurant-quality cuisine at home

You could be an Indian food newbie, or you could have been eating Indian food for years – you don’t have to be a connoisseur of creamy curry to enjoy the cuisine in Portsmouth. With gourmet, Indian restaurants growing in popularity throughout the city, browse our online menu listings if you wish to avoid the restaurant crowds. As the range of takeaway dishes on offer shows, the world truly is your oyster with Indian, even if oysters are not what is on the menu!

With Deliveroo, there are no queues, no waiting for tables to become available and no cold curry while you wait – Deliveroo bring restaurant-quality food right to your door. Indian cuisine is so diverse and no matter what your dietary requirements, there is something for everyone. If you’re not a fan of poultry or red meat, you can have a fish curry or a vegetable option and as the vegetable curry choices are so extensive, you won’t be disappointed.

Transport yourself halfway around the world with our listings. Visit pastures new, with Deliveroo as your passport. Bring the delights of Delhi cuisine into your house and don’t worry, we’ll do all the hard work for you.