Order Indian takeaway from nearby Loughborough restaurants

To truly awaken your taste buds, which cuisine truly delivers that hit of heat like almost no other? Indian, of course! Loughborough is, thankfully, full to the brim with fine Indian dining establishments to try out. Whether you have a favourite Indian restaurant or not, at Deliveroo we know that the only true way to enjoy your favourite food is in the comfort of your own home. So, we’ve come up with a way for you to get restaurant quality Indian food as a takeaway.

We work with the best Indian restaurants in the area to offer you a huge range of dishes. Simply order online with us, and we’ll bring your delivery to your home just as soon as we can. Indian food is the perfect accompaniment to a night in with your closest friends, or for a celebratory dinner party for a large group of people.

Loughborough: The new home of excellent Indian cuisine

Neighbouring Leicester is noted for its vast array of Indian restaurants, but Loughborough is rapidly catching up. Cozy suburban takeaways and large pub-style eateries are offering more than just your average chicken tikka masala. More specialist dishes including tarka daal, pasanda and chasni are made with all the right spices and vegetables, flash-fried so that they retain their integrity before melting in your mouth.

Ordering Indian food to your home makes perfect sense for a number of scenarios. On a lazy Friday or Saturday night when you simply cannot be bothered cooking, when you have company to entertain or want something to help satisfy your appetite, what better than a curry? Aside from curries, there are other authentic Indian dishes too. Chaat, which is skewered meat, works really well alongside a massive naan bread, whilst vegetarians are well taken care of.

In large parts of India, vegetarianism is encouraged. This is why if you don’t eat meat, you will come across dishes that make use of potatoes, aubergines, squashes, peppers, pulses and even paneer (cheese) to take meat’s place as the star of each food. Fish also features in many dishes, particularly in recipes originating from the Kerala region.