Order Indian takeaway from nearby Coventry restaurants

Indian food is one of the UK’s favourites and with good reason. There’s nothing quite like a curry – it’s hot and spicy, packed full of exotic flavour and heart-warming all at once. We’ve sourced some top-quality curry houses and Indian restaurants in Coventry, so have a look through our menus and get ready for a feast.

Can’t be bothered to go out? We know the feeling, that’s why we do what we do. We bring the very best food out there to your front door. It’s not like an ordinary takeaway. This is seriously good restaurant quality food enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, or even the office if you’re working late! To make the magic happen simply check out our restaurant and menu options and choose a few tasty dishes. Then send your order and leave the delivery to us.

Coventry: Flawless curry every time

Nobody could say that Coventry doesn’t do the West Midlands proud. It upholds the area’s great reputation for quality curry and offers a wide range of authentic Indian cuisine. We’ve sourced some of the top restaurants in the city and strive to bring you the best.

With a wide variety of top notch cuisine available knowing where to start isn’t easy. The classics are a worthy choice – the humble onion bhaji, for example, offers a beautiful crisp texture and distinctive flavour that is often underrated. Another amazing appetiser is of course paneer tikka. This Indian cheese starts off quite plain but after some spicy seasoning and expert cooking emerges as one of the most moreish starters of any cuisine.

Once started, a curry is the obvious option. For a creamy dish with coconut notes, the famous chicken tikka masala is ideal. It won’t be too hot to handle and gently delivers the best of Indian cooking. Stepping things up, the vindaloo is famously fiery. We at Deliveroo advise that you proceed with caution with this one and have some delicious mango lassi close to hand! Don’t forget the mango chutney for a nice sweet accompaniment.