Indian takeaway from nearby Chester restaurants

All the most popular takeaway food has one thing in common: it offers dishes to suit every sort of palette. Indian food is popular for this very reason. Not only is it reliably hearty and delicious, but there is a dish for everyone. Creamy, mild curries are on offer for children or the chilli-averse, while at the other end of the spectrum there are several sorts of dish which don’t skimp on the chilli!

How about ordering an Indian tonight? Decide what main meal tickles your fancy, then consider what sides and extras you want! Culturally, many Indian dishes are eaten by hand. This style has therefore borne a great number of tasty pastry-like, breaded snacks – perfect for mopping up that excess sauce or dipping in the eponymous mango chutney! Save yourself the argy-bhaaji (see what we did there?!) of going out to a restaurant by ordering from Deliveroo today.

Chester’s Indian restaurants – dedicated chefs and fresh-as-you-like ingredients

What’s your order going to be? As Indian food is mostly curries which feature a similar base, the curry houses here in Chester can offer a wide selection. A rogan josh, for instance, has a tomato base, whereas a chicken korma has cream. Dishes can be slightly modified to become completely new. Indian chefs use their spices wisely to create dishes with the same basic framework but flavours all their own.

Once you decide between your korma, tikka, jalfrezi or lamb keema curry, it’s time to think about those side orders. Naan bread comes in varied forms, from sweet, coconutty peshwari naan to butter naan and even gooey paneer cheese-filled naan. Again, whatever flavour you desire, it’s well-covered! And that’s without mentioning India’s other breads such as chapatti and kulcha, reliably porous, filling offerings to soak up every last drop of sauce!

If your order is not big enough already, how about ordering further snacks like some crisp onion bhaaji’s, pakoras or samosas? But remember, India’s food is rather rich – your eyes may prove bigger than your belly! In any case, with your Deliveroo delivery, you won’t have to move far once you’ve had your fill!