Indian takeaway from nearby Cheltenham restaurants

The poppadoms are punctual and the sag aloo is speedy when you have restaurant-quality Indian food delivered to your door with Deliveroo. Just visit our online Indian food listings for Cheltenham, where we have gathered the menus of the city’s very best Indian eateries, offering you a quality alternative to your usual takeaway.

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There’s more to Indian cuisine than you might think, with new dishes and dining options being added all the time in addition to the time-honoured favourites – there’s something to suit all occasions and palates. Whether it’s a quick and speedy snack or lunch, a relaxed and decadent dinner, or a sumptuous spread for a party that you’re looking for, Deliveroo have got it covered.

Cheltenham’s best Indian selection comes to you with Deliveroo

For some people, Indian cuisine always equates to a curry, and there are many times when only a curry will do. Whether your preference is for a creamy korma or a hot and spicy vindaloo, or anything else in between, we’ve got it covered. Accompanied by pilau or basmati rice, naan bread and chapatis, it’s difficult to beat. Don’t forget the perfect prelude of poppadoms with mango chutney and other dips.

As with many other cuisines right now, Indian street food is becoming more and more popular, and it’s easy to see why. Ordering a selection of small dishes to share is perfect for a social gathering. It’s very convivial, especially when they’re washed down with a refreshing Indian lager. Savoury delights such as crisp samosas, crunchy onion bhajis and fried pakoras are difficult to resist.

Another reason for the popularity of Indian cuisine is the wide range of tempting vegetarian options. Dishes with delicious ingredients such as spinach, potatoes and paneer cheese are just as satisfying as their meaty counterparts. Indian food really does offer something for everyone. Whatever you’re looking for, browse our online menu listings for Cheltenham now – you won’t be disappointed with the quality and choice!