Order Indian takeaway from nearby Chelmsford restaurants

Are you curry mad? Could you destroy a biryani right now? Let us bring the spices of India to your door in Chelmsford – simply order from our extensive range of menus and we will do the rest. Fan of the traditional tikka masala or prefer to wrestle with the vicious vindaloo, one thing is for sure: curry lovers will not go hungry here. We have a number of options and we can make the whole process much easier; from placing the order to delivery of your takeaway food, we are here to offer you a five-star service.

A beer and a poppadum? No problem. It is entirely up to you; we are at your behest. It would be fair to say that our customers are always ready for more mouth-watering dishes after ordering off Deliveroo. Why spend more money on a meal out in January after the hectic Christmas period?

Chelmsford: The place to be if you love curry

The Chelmsford locals already know that surrounding areas are very jealous of the town’s Asian cuisine – and with good reason. With a mix of the most authentic and exciting Indian spices, curry establishments can offer some of the best tasting food in the area. With plenty of independent street food available, you can more or less get your curry fix anywhere in town; excellent news for those who love spicy grub.

However, Indian nosh isn’t just about curries. It is about samosas, naans and bhajis. This is what separates Chelmsford from the surrounding area – it has a plethora of restaurants that can offer the tastiest sundries around. You can get almost anything delivered via our service; from chutneys and dips to flavoured rice. We can cater for your every need.

No fan of Indian food will be left behind. With vegetarian options widely available with most eateries, you can ensure that everybody has something that they like. From veggie sauces to chicken substitutes, Chelmsford’s Indian takeaway locations have you covered. So what are you waiting for, get choosing your favourite naans and succulent main courses now! An order with Deliveroo is certain to please all around the dinner table!