Order Halal takeaway from nearby Manchester restaurants

With a huge variety of different cuisines available in Manchester, it’s no surprise that halal food is so easy to come by. When you want a taste of the Middle East, or any other country for that matter, check out the Deliveroo halal section for your favourite restaurant halal dishes to eat at home. Lavish and beautifully spiced appetisers, side dishes and curries could be yours, whether you crave mouth-watering Biryanis, Italian spaghetti dishes, Mexican burritos or some American fast food. Deliveroo now make restaurant takeaway available to all.   

So tuck in to a Kashmiri curry seasoned with ginger, onion and chillies and served alongside raita.  or a plate of meaty kebabsseasoned with exotic Indian herbs. Luckily, you don't have to travel to enjoy halal food at home as Deliveroo has restaurant takeaway covered! 

Manchester restaurants serve scrumptious Halal treats

When you crave mouth-watering halal dishes, whether it’s for a quick weekday supper or a weekend feast with friends, Delieroo’s online restaurant menus are here to bring a touch of the exotic to your door when you have to have halal food.  

Whether it's mouth-watering samosas, pakoras,  kormas or tikkas, Deliveroo's menus cover it all. And it doesn’t have to all be about spice. There are cuisines from around the world to indulge in, all with halal options like delicate Italian pasta dishes, Mexican nachos or empanadas, luscious Greek moussaka or a juicy kebab in a warm flatbread all ideal for indulging in. 

With Deliveroo, it is now possible to order your favourite halal dishes online for delivery right to your door. Deliveroo lists local restaurants in Manchester that offer all your favourite halal dishes so you don’t even have to leave the house to eat halal at home. So, when you need to know it’s halal and you want to choose from a range of restaurant menus, Deliveoro is here with the best takeaway in town. Why not  whisk yourself off on an Arabian night!