Order Halal takeaway from nearby Livingston restaurants

There’s nothing better than a great feast. Whether you are on your own, or hosting a night for guests, you’ll need the right food. Thankfully, Deliveroo have all your needs met if you want quality halal fare.

Excellent chefs prepared rare exotic delicacies like saji and dumpakht (whole lamb meat preparations from Baluchistan) in their kitchen. Or try a korma (spicy Indian curry with minced meat), plus the extensive range of kebabs – shami, seekh, tikka, gelawati and gola are tempting enough to make all mouths water. Now, you can find these delightful dishes in Livingston, thanks to our extensive menu. We’ve compiled a list of all the local restaurants in Livingston that serve halal meat dishes. So, all you must do is place your takeaway order and you can enjoy the deliciousness of authentic halal cuisine at home. Our dedicated delivery team will do the rest – we’ve got you covered!

Livingston: Scrumptious halal dishes in local restaurant kitchens

The range of halal restaurants has increased over recent years and that has left diners with a terrific range of options. From traditional favourites, such as thin-crust pizzas to juicy burgers, or branching out into different cuisines, there’s so much for you to choose from. In fact, your hardest task will be picking which dish to go for.

Nihari (a tender meat seasoned with garlic, chillies, lemon juice, onions and coriander) and siri paayeis (bone marrow soup prepared from the feet and head of a lamb or cow) are other options which will create a memorable taste. Not to mention biryanis (fried rice with meat chunks) and kebabs (minced meat patty roasted on fire) which are evergreen choices. The most unique thing about halal dish is the use of rare spices. Chefs include pretty much everything on the Asian spice shelf to marinate the meat, which could be responsible for the beautiful taste.

So, why not order some meat dishes for delivery at home? Don’t brave the elements or stand in queues. Instead, have a hassle-free night and let us do the hard work for you. Sounds better doesn’t it!?