Order Halal takeaway from nearby Exeter restaurants

We’re guessing you love halal food like we do – it’s great for so many reasons; super healthy, but also incredibly affordable. Most importantly though, halal food tastes amazing! Where are you going to find a decent chicken shawarma or falafel pita sandwich without travelling halfway around the world for it? While the sights of the Middle East might be amazing, you don’t have the time or money for such a journey. Thanks to Deliveroo, your next order of authentic halal food is far closer than you think – on your doorstep.

Deliveroo is redefining your perception of a takeaway service. We know you’ve had delivery in the past, but you’ve never had it the way Deliveroo does it. As soon as that hankering for halal hits, all you need to do is tap the Deliveroo app, send out your order for fresh hummus and lamb kebabs, and we’ll do the rest.

Exeter: Halal food for the people!

We know that you have a refined palate that tires of eating the same food over and over. Your mouth needs more excitement! You crave those special spices of the Middle East, the charcoal-fired chicken of authentic halal kebabs, and the nutty, rich texture of freshly prepared hummus that feels like an indulgence – but really isn’t, because it’s great for you!

We’re that way too! That’s the wonderful news about Deliveroo. We understand your cravings, because we get them ourselves. Our riders take the greatest pleasure in bringing you a grand variety of amazing halal food. All you have to do is order online with Deliveroo and we’ll do the rest. We’ll comb the city for the highest-quality, most authentic halal restaurants sure to satisfy your craving.

Open your eyes and your mouth to the world of possibility that lies before you. Deliveroo will bring Middle Eastern cuisine to you – all you have to do is just say the word. So today, give the normal stuff a break, and say hello to halal, courtesy of Deliveroo – whether you’re busy working at the office or kicking-back at home.