Order Halal takeaway from nearby Durham restaurants

Eating halal has never been easier across the UK, whether you’re looking for a restaurant or want to enjoy takeaway in the comfort of your own home. In Durham, it’s no different, with lots of restaurants across different cuisines offering halal certified ingredients - all of which makes it much easier to find fantastic halal dishes in Durham. We work with the best restaurants to offer you the added bonus of home delivery as well.

At Deliveroo, we’re all about restaurant quality food as a takeaway, so whatever you order with us is guaranteed to be top quality. You have the peace of mind of knowing that dishes ordered online with us will be delivered directly to your door, straight from the kitchens of the best restaurants in town. So, whether you want Lebanese or Greek, American or British, we can help!

Durham: Fantastic halal choices available across the city

For a halal friendly feast, you could go for the flavours of the Middle East. Ideal for a dinner party, Lebanese cuisine is flavourful, distinctive and healthier than some other options. Using fresh ingredients and the flavours of lemon, garlic and oil, Lebanese dishes will please even the pickiest palate. There is also a heavy reliance on meat free dishes as well, making it ideal for any vegetarians in your party.

Start with a mezze – lots of small dishes served at the start of a meal. Serve up in the middle of the table and allow your guests to pick and choose. It’s a great way for everyone to get a taste of everything. Dishes can include anything from flatbreads, olives and stuffed vine leaves, to more complex seafood and meaty meals.

Or, you could order Indian food for your halal meal. Spice up your life with a hot vindaloo, or go milder with a creamy korma. With plenty of veggie options in among the halal certified meats, you’ll find something for everyone. Pile up the basmati rice and don’t forget plenty of naan bread, poppadoms, and freshly made chutneys.