Order Halal takeaway from nearby Cheltenham restaurants

If you feel that tracking down good-quality halal food in Cheltenham can be something of a chore, then just check out Deliveroo’s halal listings for the city. You’ll no longer need to scour around to find the best halal delights that restaurants have to offer. We’ve done all the hard work, so you don’t have to. Just browse the selections, order online and relax, for a great alternative to your usual takeaway.

There are many satisfying options when it comes to halal food, so there’s something to suit all occasions and palates. Perhaps you’re after a quick, filling lunch or snack during a busy day? Or you’re unwinding in the evening and want an indulgent dinner-time treat. Maybe you’re even planning to entertain a group of friends. You can always find food to fit the bill with Deliveroo – without any of the fuss of cooking, going out or washing up.

Halal hots up in Cheltenham thanks to Deliveroo

Indian cuisine is one of the richest sources of halal food around, with a great variety of dishes on offer. Curries are always satisfying, with tender chunks of meat such as lamb or chicken in a creamy korma or spicy vindaloo sauce. Served with pilau rice or naan bread, it’s difficult to beat. For an even more indulgent meal, why not include an Indian snack selection comprising delights such as crispy vegetable samosas, crunchy onion bhajis or tasty pakoras?

Middle Eastern cuisines also offer great halal options, ranging from a quick meat kebab, for enjoyment for lunch or as a snack, to a sumptuous banquet. Meat is seldom more delicious than when it is grilled slowly over charcoal. There are many satisfying meat-free options to be had as well, including chickpea falafel and mezze dishes such as grilled aubergine and stuffed vine leaves.

Dips such as hummus and tahini served with fresh flatbreads are also difficult to beat. A selection of hot and cold small dishes to share makes for a great spread to have with friends. If you’re looking to order halal food, you’re simply spoilt for choice when it comes to the options available in our online listings.