Greek food delivery in York

As befits one of the oldest cuisines in the world, Greek food is rich, varied, and tasty. Since its origins in Ancient Greece, Greek cuisine has evolved through the centuries, becoming one of the most prominent cuisines in the Mediterranean. You can experience the culmination of thousands of years of culinary history with Deliveroo, as we bring you authentic Greek food from the best ouzeri (taverns or restaurants) in historic York!

Greek cuisine is the forerunner to many others, having been spread by both the Greek and Roman empires. Here at Deliveroo, we've searched York to bring you the menus of the finest Greek ouzeri. Just visit our online restaurant listings to see the choice available. Explore dishes like moussaka and kleftiko, or indulge in a traditional Greek mezze; a feast of small dishes of incredible variety. So forget torrid takeaways and experience a taste of history with Deliveroo!

York: Great Greek cuisine from opulent ouzeri

Ancient Greek cuisine was dominated by three major ingredients; wheat, olive oil, and wine. Right up until modern times, fish was the main source of protein. Greek food is some of the oldest in the world, and Greek cuisine formed the basis for most of Europe's various cuisines. With the expansion of the Roman empire, Greek cuisine spread across the globe, as Roman food shared most of its characteristics and ingredients with Greek cooking.

The Ancient Greek poet Archestratus wrote the first cookbook in history in 320 BC. Since then, Greek food has evolved through various different cultural influences. Some common Greek dishes have been around since ancient times, like lentil soup. Others are now traditional recipes, despite meat being a fairly modern addition to Greek cuisine. With Deliveroo, the variety of choices available means you can explore the evolution of Greek food.

Mad for moussaka? Keen on kleftiko? Starving for souvlaki? Here at Deliveroo, you can order restaurant-quality dishes prepared fresh to order by professional chefs, all ready for delivery to your doorstep! Through our partner restaurants, we can also bring you a fantastic selection of mezze foods, offering you a truly authentic Greek feast experience. Explore history with Deliveroo!