Greek food delivery in Swansea

Now you can enjoy a little holiday from home in Swansea with a Greek delivery from Deliveroo, bringing the hummus and pitta bread right to your door. You don’t need to venture out into the bleak Welsh weather when you must have moussaka brought to your door. Enjoy the comforting, fresh and hearty flavours of Greek food from the comfort of your own living room. Fill the house with the scent of gyros. And keep some baklava to treat yourself to dessert.  

And ordering Greek takeaway is easy thanks to Deliveroo. Simply scroll through the eateries on offer and settle back to enjoy an evening of Mediterranean food without ever having to step outside your front door. Whether you’re dining alone, feeding the family or trying to impress a date, let Deliveroo bring excellent restaurant food to you.

Swansea: Evocative Greek flavours will take you on a Greek holiday

Cooking in Greece, from cooling and fresh to warm and hearty, has been perfected over hundreds of years in the homesteads of Greek families. From the cooler cuts of pitta bread, olive oil and couscous favoured in the hot climate, to the warmer dishes of spanakopita tart or fasolada soup, if Swansea’s got then it we can deliver it.

If you want to eat Greek style, start proceedings off with a meze. Popular in most Mediterranean cuisines, these sharing platters are full of different dishes for everyone to tuck into before the meal. Get Greek salad full of feta and olives, deep-fried squid rings, olives, tzatziki and taramasalata dips and plenty of flatbreads for dipping. For mains, try keftedakia fried meatballs in sauce, of souvlaki skewers for a more street food-style bite of Athens.

Here at Deliveroo we believe that people shouldn’t have to venture into the wild Welsh weather to get the best restaurant-made food around. Get restaurants’ fare brought to your door, and save the trip outside. Just place your order with us, and we’ll work our magic to bring the dishes straight from their kitchen to your door.