Greek food delivery in Oxford

There’s a lot to love when it comes to Greek food—light and creamy hummus, fragrant pink taramasalata, giant olives, dolmades, hearty moussaka, sharp and salty feta…The list just goes on. It’s easy to see why Greek is one of the world’s favourite cuisines when you order a takeaway from one of Oxford’s many Greek restaurants with Deliveroo.

Try a mezze platter, heaving with all sorts of delicious treats, or hot flatbreads fresh out the oven, and meat and fish grilled with all sorts of rich and aromatic spices. There’s more to choose from than ever before, and Oxford can really offer you a genuine taste of Greece. Greek food is some of the healthiest about, with plenty of grilled fish and fresh veg, whole grains and ripe fruit. Get ready for a meal that’s packed full of flavour—think lemon and olive oil and garlic.

Oxford: Great Greek grub going

Oxford’s got a lot of things going for it — great architecture, lots of parks — but it doesn’t have the rugged cliffs and sapphire-blue seas of a Greek island — nor, most of the time the great weather. Order a Greek mezze from Deliveroo, though, and you’ll feel like you’re sunning yourself on Santorini in no time. It might be bucketing or blowing a gale here, but Greek food is like sunshine on a plate.

With everything from simply grilled, succulent swordfish steaks and luscious kofte to vast plates of chargrilled chicken and vegetables, and juicy peppers stuffed with fragrant, herby rice, you’re sure to find something to love among Deliveroo’s selection of Greek takeaways. Whether you’re trying to delight your guests with a vast number of sharing dishes, or you’ve had a hard day at work and you just want some gyros and chips in front of the telly, we’ve got you sorted.

Wash all that down with some retsina, or potent ouzo, and you’re all set. At Deliveroo, we’re making it our mission to deliver the very best of Greek island living to your door, no matter where you are or when you want it.