Greek food delivery in Hull

Go all Greek with the stunning flavours of the Ionian Islands and recreate a little Greek taverna in the comfort of your home. All you need is the chequered tablecloth and Deliveroo will do the rest! While we can’t promise white sandy beaches, endless sunshine and crystal clear blue seas, if you take a look at the Deliveroo Greek restaurant listings section for Hull we can promise you authentic tasting Greek cuisine for delivery to your door.

With our fantastic choice of the best Greek restaurant menus from around Hull, you can now enjoy fine dining from home with our door-to-door delivery service. So if you crave a plate of meaty keftedakia meatballs and pasta, succulent lamb and rice stuffed vine leaves, spinach and feta cheese spanakopita or a meaty melting moussaka just order online for takeaway delivery today.

Hull: Go for a taste of Greek

Hull may not evoke the sunshine of the Greek islands but a taste of its local Greek food might! With Greek restaurants dotted around the city, you can have authentic Greek food any day or night of the week. Even better, ordering with Deliveroo means you don’t have to go out to eat it! For a quick, simple supper for one or a table-toppling feast of mezze to share with friends, Deliveroo have it covered.

Get stuck in to soft warm pitta bread smothered in olive oil for dipping in to creamy chickpea humus, minty yogurt tzatziki and bright pink taramasalata. Get some sumptuous Greek olives to go on the side. Order a plate of succulent stuffed vine leaves, crispy deep fried keftedes in wine sauce, refreshing Greek salad with feta, tomatoes and cucumber, salt and pepper deep fried calamari or a delicious fluffy falafel in a wrap with all the trimmings. Don’t forget the sweet sticky baklava and creamy cardamom rice pudding.

While Greek dancing is optional, it’s worth raiding the cupboards for that old bottle of rakia fruit brandy left over from your last holiday for a fun Greek themed night in.