Greek food delivery in Guildford

If you’re craving a kebab or in the mood for a lovely Greek salad with deliciously salty feta cheese, then you’ve come to the right place. At Deliveroo we make it our business to seek out the best of the best and we sure know what makes a great Greek restaurant. Check out our menu options for Greek food in Guildford and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

From the smoky grilled meat to the authentic hummus, Greek food has a lot to offer. It’s perfect for a laid-back lunch or a Mediterranean supper and the best thing is that we’ll bring it straight to you. Old ways aren’t always the best ways and when it comes to top quality food we see no reason why anyone should have to trek out to a restaurant. Just order your favourites and await our delivery. It’s a takeaway like no other!

Guildford: Chic Greek cuisine in Surrey

It’s not hard to find the heart-warming spirit of the Mediterranean in Guildford’s top Greek eateries. Come rain or shine Deliveroo will bring all the fun and flavour of Greek cuisine into your very own home.

If you’re entertaining this evening there’s nothing better than a Greek sharing platter for a sociable starter. As well as perfect hummus, this appetizer usually comes with taramasalata. This fish roe dip is full of umami flavour, which makes it extremely moreish. Then along with tsatsiki, that cool mix of yoghurt, cucumber and olive oil, there will be a lovely selection of proper Greek olives. With warm pitta bread to dip, this sharer always goes down fast so you might even want to order two!

When it comes to Greek main courses you’ll never go wrong with kebabs. You could either choose the classic donner style of finely sliced meat in a warm pitta overflowing with crisp salad and a yoghurt dressing, or you could go for juicy chunks of skewered meat with seasoned vegetables grilled over charcoal. Whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed a delightfully rustic style of cooking that lets the glorious flavours of the ingredients speak for themselves.