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Guildford has a beautiful cathedral and a castle. If you are intending to visit these or are just going about your regular daily schedule, you will need a good breakfest to give you a boost in the morning. Guildford has a handful of establishments that either specialize in breakfasts or offer this in addition to their lunch and dinner menus. If you are short on time or are missing some key ingredients, let Deliveroo take care of breakfast for you. There are ‘breakfast specials’, featuring various combinations of the foods which make up the full English breakfast. You can have every combination from fried eggs to beans and from tomatoes to scrambled eggs. You can also enjoy fresh juice and hot coffee. Continental breakfasts are an alternative to a cooked breakfast, so baguettes and croissants can be had instead if you’d fancy those. If you have allergy issues, you can arrange to have a suitable breakfast delivered. Yoghurt and gluten-free granola is a favourite. Breakfast can be ordered in advance and served up to midday in many cases, and all you need to do is decide on what it's going to be; Deliveroo will then make sure it arrives on time.

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