Greek food delivery in Ellesmere Port

Greek cuisine has certainly always been a favourite around the world, not just for its rich spices but also for its family-oriented food. So why not pretend you’re in sun kissed Athens by gathering all your loved ones together and ordering a takeaway meal with Deliveroo? Quick, easy and simple, you could be tucking into piping hot Greek food from the comfort of your own home, from one of the most reputable restaurants in town.

As well as being enjoyably heart-warming, Greek food is extremely healthy, with an array of salads at your disposal, all of which consist of fresh ingredients like halloumi and sundried tomatoes. If salad isn’t your thing, why not try the grilled meats and vegetables on offer. Dolmades – ripe vine leaves stuffed with rice and mincemeat – are a work of perfection for example, and something you cannot pass up for your booming banquet.

Live like a Greek god or goddess in Ellesmere Port

Greece obviously has its fair share of amazing history and its cuisine certainly reflects that, with its historic ingredients and traditional flavours. Zeus and Athena would be proud of how dishes have stood the test of time and still taste heavenly. Kleftiko, for example, is a juicy roasted shoulder of lamb or goat that has been bathed in tomato and wine juices.

This masterpiece has been around since the nineteenth century, when the Cypriot freedom fighters were challenging for independence. If you’re looking for something fishy, then you could do a lot worse than ordering the Garides special, a delicious take on the Christmas traditional food of pigs in blankets. However, instead of sausages, the Greeks use king prawns to tickle your taste buds.

Desserts are a fantastic way to finishing off your Greek banquet. As well as the creamy Greek yoghurt, there are also treats like the baklava and the kadifi; both of which incorporate soft, flaky pastry into their magic mix of mixed nuts and honey syrup. Browse our menus, pick your favourite and our delivery team will bring your order in no time. You just need to make sure the plates are ready!