Greek food delivery in Dundee

Street food doesn’t have to be eaten on a busy street whilst you scamper for napkins. Street food made famous in Athens has travelled to Dundee and it's become so popular. If you’re a fully-fledged foodie who loves nothing more than trying cuisines from every corner of the globe, you must check out Deliveroo’s Greek menu. Save yourself the hassle of cooking or heading into town to fill your tummy.

Forget everything you think you know about takeaway – Deliveroo brings restaurant-quality Greek food straight to your door. Whether it is koulouri rings – bread flavoured with cheese or olives and seasoned with sesame seeds – or souvlaki – scrumptious pita bread stuffed with pork, parsley, tomato, and yoghurt – all you need to do is order a Greek feast online today. Your delivery of sun-soaked authentic Greek goodies will be there in no time.

Dundee: See Greek food in a whole new light

If you haven't tried Greek food before, where have you been? Get your teeth into sfougata or mousakka, solmathakia, halvasi or loukoumade. There are plenty of retaurants in Dundee brimming with delightful Greek delicacies for you to enjoy, but you don't have to head out to enjoy them. Sit in and order your delivery with Deliveroo.

Tirokroketes or sfougata are scrumptious, crisp brown cheese balls that simply melt in your mouth. They're made from sfougata, a local cheese variety, and they're way too moreish not to make your order. In the mood for something light and herby? Try dolmathakia; this Israeli dish contains luscious fillings stuffed inside grape leaves. Likewise, moussaka is a pasta-free lasagne made of sautéed tomatoes, eggplants, onions, potatoes and garlic. It is layered with grilled cheese and béchamel sauce. Don't forget about those little afters like incredible halvasi – vanilla, almond and butter cake, and loukomades – fried donut balls soaked in honey and cinnamon.

Thanks to Deliveroo, you can enjoy sunshine-soaked favourites made famous in Santorini from the comfort of your sofa. Place your order online now to enjoy your Greek takeaway from your favourite restaurant; washing up not needed.