Greek food delivery in Chester

Greece is perhaps best known for its gyros and salty feta cheese, yet the country’s cuisine is ripe with other distinct dishes employing the lemony, herby and oily tastes of the Mediterranean – resulting in an invigoratingly appetising yet healthy cuisine. Deliveroo can bring an order of restaurant-quality food from Chester’s Greek eateries right to your door. With any luck, this great grub will transport the senses and inspire the palates of those grown bored of takeaway pizza.

All you need to do is crank up the heating and wait for your delivery! Greek food is perfect to enjoy for a light lunch or as an indulgent dinner – whether or not it’s with friends or family, this is sharing food. And vegetarians won’t be left out; the Greeks get the best out of their vegetable dishes too, with the sheer immensity of flavourings all Greek food is imbued with.

Chester: It’s time to Go Greek!

While Greek food can be as simple as lamb and potatoes, chicken laid out on pitta bread, and feta cheese in an olive and tomato salad, the power of flavour should not be underestimated. Greek cuisine makes good, honest food wonderfully tasty by using herbs such as parsley and mint.

Plump olives add another dimension of flavour to many dishes. Potato rounds with crumbled feta cheese, olives and lashings of sunflower oil are sure to seduce the senses. For seafood fans, battered deep-fried squid and grilled octopus are common. Besides the classic creamy moussaka, vegetarians are sure to be delighted by tomatoes or peppers stuffed with herby rice and feta cheese, and other veg-centred dishes like fasolakia – green beans stewed in tomato sauce – or briám – a baked ratatouille of summer vegetables, seasoned with garlic and herbs.

Accoutrements present on Greece’s mezze-style plates include the well-known sauces of tzatziki – a mix of cool cucumber and yogurt sauce to cut through the richness of sliced meats – and taramasolata, a unique sauce comprising cod roe mixed with lemon juice and oils. Overall, the Greek cuisine is so unique it may very well become your new favourite takeaway choice!