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The Romans may have put Bath on the map with their famous natural springs, but so did Chinese cuisine. A bite of the local dim sum, usually filled with shrimps, pork or vegetables like cabbage, will quickly convince you. But if you still need a nudge, you’ll be pleased to find that crispy aromatic duck was created right here, in England. Inspired by traditional Peking duck, it is usually marinated in soy sauce and Chinese five-spice then deep-fried and often served in a pancake roll. Another hot dish is egg-fried rice which can include seafood or barbecued meat. One of the most iconic flavours of Chinese dishes is the classic sweet and sour taste created by ingredients such as sugar and honey blended with soy sauce, rice vinegar and ginger. Together they make a sauce that is often served with a variety of dishes featuring deep-fried pork or chicken, or in a spicier form with chillies for dipping. Chow mein has been a popular dish for years. It consists of miles of noodles stir-fried with morsels of pork or chicken, sweet peppers, bean sprouts, ginger and water chestnuts. Want a hot Chinese takeaway? Let Deliveroo deliver.

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