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During the Anglo-Saxon era, Swindon became a prime centre for pig farming and bacon curing and eventually created the Wiltshire Lardy Cake. Swindon still continues the tradition of producing fine cuisine with many takeaways and restaurants. Between the Queens Drive on the east of the city, the Great Western Way and the Leisure Centre in the north, you can find takeaways offering pizza and other Italian cuisine. For spicier dishes, there are many Indian, Mexican and Chinese takeaways. You can also enjoy Greek, Thai, Brazilian and Spanish food. Whichever takeaway you'd like, Deliveroo can deliver it directly to your door.

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Most ordered dishes in Swindon

Whether you like to go classic with a curry or fancy with some falafel, find out whether your favourite takeaway dish is on the list of Swindon's most ordered dishes.

Most ordered Chinese dishes in Swindon

From chow mein to duck pancakes, dim sum to egg fried rice, does your favourite Chinese takeaway dish make the list of Swindon's most ordered Chinese dishes? Scroll to find out.

Best Restaurants in Swindon

Budget restaurants in Swindon

Looking for some dining deals when it comes to ordering takeaway in Swindon? Order great quality food without blowing the budget from one of these top restaurants.

New restaurants in Swindon

If you have an appetite for adventure and want to try out a new takeaway in Swindon, then consider ordering from one of our newest restaurant additions.

Chinese restaurants in Swindon

Fancy chowing down on a chow mein or feeling peckish for some Peking duck rolls? These highly rated Chinese restaurants of Swindon will sort your cravings out in no time.

Indian restaurants in Swindon

If you're craving a curry or are tempted by tandoori chicken, the Indian restaurants of Swindon will provide you with the taste sensation you're looking for.

Pizza restaurants in Swindon

Whether you're in the mood for a margherita or have a passion for pepperoni, these pizza restaurants in Swindon are some of the best on offer.

Kebab restaurants in Swindon

If you're looking for a succulent shish kebab or are dreaming of a doner, these Swindon kebab restaurants will make sure you don't go hungry.

Curry restaurants in Swindon

Ranging from the exotic coconut based curries of Thailand to the classic flavours of an Indian tikka masala, the curry restaurants of Swindon will tantalise those tastebuds.

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