Order Chinese takeaway from nearby London restaurants

Chinese may be a classic takeaway option, but there is so much more to the cuisine of this vast country than the usual suspects. London’s Chinese restaurant scene is dynamic, diverse and offers a vast choice of tastes and styles. Don’t be bamboozled, however – just turn to the Deliveroo Chinese section for London to find the best the capital’s restaurants have to offer. Order online and have it delivered direct to your door.

From the Chinatown classics, via authentic street food through to high-end gourmet dining, there is sure to be something to suit every occasion. You’ll find delicious dinner options, luscious lunches and brilliant buffet ideas, perfect for when you’re dining alone, with a special someone, the whole family or a large group. You won’t want to settle for a standard takeaway again – now you can get your hands on London’s choicest Chinese cuisine with no fuss.

London: From Canton to Sichuan, Deliveroo’s got Chinese cuisine covered

We’ve got all your favourite Cantonese classics covered, from meat dishes such as duck and char sui barbequed pork to special fried rice. The essential flavours of hoisin, oyster and black bean are also present in abundance. Those who prefer a bit more spice could opt for the characteristic fiery flavours of the Sichuan school of cookery. Here you can sample chillies galore, along with the famous Sichuan pepper.

One of the biggest food trends in London in recent years has been the growth in popularity of Chinese street food, especially bao steamed buns with a range of tempting fillings. Some people will queue for hours to sample the latest trendy offering, but those in the know let Deliveroo do the hard work. Dim sum is another perennially popular choice that is great for sharing with friends over dinner. Steamed shumai dumplings, baked pork puffs and fried prawn toasts are just some of the delicacies on offer. Originally designed to be eaten with afternoon tea, they also taste great with something stronger.