Order Chinese takeaway from nearby Lancaster restaurants

Who doesn’t love a slap up Chinese feast? From spare ribs dripping in thick, delicious barbecue sauce, to crispy duck pancakes complete with hoisin sauce and crunchy cucumber. Perfect for a big dinner with friends and family, Chinese food is ideal to share around so everyone can get a taste of lots of different dishes. It’s also great if you just want to sit back and relax at home with a takeaway.  

Deliveroo have gone one better than just a takeaway though – we’ve teamed up with Chinese restaurants across Lancaster and listed their menus for you to look through. Just order online through Deliveroo, and we will bring your Chinese food delivery before you know it. We deliver across most of Lancaster and would be delighted to help you have a great night in with restaurant quality food in the comfort of your own home. What a combination! 

Lancaster: A city full of excellent Chinese restaurants

Popular Chinese dishes in the UK include chow mein. If you fancy this for your Chinese feast, you’ll be ordering stir-fried noodles mixed with seafood or meat. You can also have a vegetarian version of course, so it will suit everyone. Always delicious, you should probably order at least one kind of sweet and sour. You can have it with pork, beef, chicken, prawns, veg… pretty much anything and the sauce of rice vinegar, soy sauce and ginger is the quintessential taste of Chinese food for many people.  

Crispy duck is the ideal starter, particularly if you’re sharing with lots of people. A variation of Peking duck, crispy aromatic duck is actually more popular in the UK. Marinated in five spice, the duck is roasted and shredded. You wrap your own pancakes with spring onion and thick, sweet hoisin sauce. Gorgeous! 

Starters and side should always include a spring roll – choose from meat or vegetarian versions and get lots of sauces to dip them in. And for delicious accompaniments you could do a lot worse than special fried rice, with its ingredients including pork, prawn, veggies all scrambled together with rice and egg. Put your order in now!