Order Chinese takeaway from nearby Inverness restaurants

Did you know that Chinese food is now officially one of the most popular cuisines in the UK? There’s something about the range of dishes on offer; the sweet, sour and spicy tastes and the delicious extras that make it the perfect meal out – but an even better meal in. If a Chinese takeaway makes your life complete, Deliveroo can help -- get restaurant-quality food delivered straight to your door today. 

We’ve teamed up with the best restaurants across Inverness, serving excellent high-quality Chinese food, to list all of their menus just for you. Look through our Chinese food in Inverness section, decide which dishes you want to order and then simply let us know. Order online and we’ll be with you before you know it. We deliver across most of Inverness -- forget all the hassle of traipsing out and enjoy Chinese food from the comfort of your home. 

Inverness: A city that takes its Chinese takeaway seriously

Everyone has their favourite Chinese dish, whether it’s a crispy sweet and sour, or a classic chow mein noodle dish. But if you’re looking to expand your Chinese food repertoire, have a look for some authentic dishes for a change. Try xiao long bao for an alternative to the more usual won tons. These dumplings are usually filled with crab or pork, and are served in a rich and savoury broth.  

Peking duck is always a good choice, with its roasted flavour contrasting with the hoisin sauce and crispy cucumbers and onions. All wrapped up in individual pancakes that you fill yourself, it’s a proper crowd-pleaser, especially as you can stuff your pancake with as much duck as you like.  

And for a main that is much loved in China, try yu xiang rou si instead of your usual order. This is a Sichuan shredded pork dish served in a spicy and hot garlic sauce and cooked with lots of mushrooms and peppers. Piquant, but not too hot, it’s a really delicious meal to share. If you do want something hot and spicy try la zi ji, which is a simple but effective combination of chicken and chillies. Yum!