Order Chinese takeaway from nearby Hemel Hempstead restaurants

There's Chinese takeaway food and there's authentic, restaurant-quality fare. Chinese chefs in Hemel Hempstead's best kitchens cook the latter with real skill and genuine passion. Anyone who wants to relish the exciting flavours and wonderful textures of this Far Eastern cuisine can do so. Perhaps you're too tired or too busy to dine out, but don't let that little obstacle stop you. Deliveroo brings food from Hemel Hempstead restaurants straight to your door.

How about some authentic dim sum, Hong Kong-style, for lunch today, or a sensational sweet and sour chicken dish? A honey-roast pork chop suey with fresh bean sprouts, onions and bamboo shoots is sure to please any discerning palate. A dish of sizzling king prawns served with spring onions and fresh ginger is heaven on a plate. Another classic Chinese meal is the famous roasted Peking duck with hoi sin sauce.

Hemel Hempstead: Chinese food that's packed with authentic flavour

Hemel Hempstead's modern town centre has a lot going for it, which brings out the crowds. But busy eating places can also get noisy. If you love Chinese restaurant food but don’t want to commit to the restaurant experience, we deliver the dishes straight to your door.

The British taste for quality Chinese food over the regular takeaway has increased significantly in recent times. Hemel Hempstead's fine restaurants reflect this new demand. If you want something more than a quick bag of noodles, you're in the right place. Craving seafood? Look no further than stir-fried prawns, presented with fresh seasonal veggies. Or maybe consider steamed scallops in garlic sauce served with glass noodles. There’s also lots of vegetarian choices, made from tofu and vegetables in place of meat.

Got people over? Impress guests with deep-fried soft shell crab, seasoned with a little sea salt and black pepper for starters. Follow up with a dish of braised eggplant with succulent minced pork, full flavours that are fused in a traditional hotpot. Enjoy Chinese restaurant food wherever you are. Place your order, and enjoy restaurant food at home courtesy of Deliveroo.