Order Chinese takeaway from nearby Gloucester restaurants

If you’re looking for a type of food sure to please everyone in a crowd, Chinese food is the way to go. Its variety of dishes is vast, each with its own unique flavour. Alas, stepping into a Gloucester Chinese food restaurant can be a bit daunting. It’s no secret that this cuisine is delicious, affordable and unique – exploding in popularity and becoming a staple part of most people's diets.

Deliveroo believes your eating environment is just as important as taste! That’s why we now offer delivery services from all of your favourite Gloucester-area Chinese food locations. It’s simple: Visit Deliveroo.com or the Deliveroo smartphone app, select your favourite moo shoo pork, sweet and sour chicken, or wonton soup, and send your order out into the interwebs. In no time, our team will magically appear at your door with your bounty!

Gloucester: Choice Chinese from King’s Square and beyond!

On a chilly Gloucester afternoon, all you want to do is curl up with a good book and an order of Chinese food. Whether you’re pining for spring rolls or fried rice, it’s Chinese that you not only desire, but require. Deliveroo endeavours to make it possible for you to remain exactly in that position — except, of course, to answer the door when one of our riders arrive with your sumptuous sweet and sour chicken!

At Deliveroo, we understand your Chinese food cravings, because we’re foodies ourselves. We demand nothing less than the best for our own particular palates, and so that is exactly what we’ll deliver you. But the quality won’t end with the food — our delivery service will be prompt, and our drivers and carriers will be courteous and help meet your every expectation.

Premium Chinese food is far more assured than the message inside your next fortune cookie. With Deliveroo, we will make you proud to choose chow mein, and ecstatic to be eating egg rolls. Log on now, order up, and turn your home into your new favourite Chinese restaurant!