Order Chinese takeaway from nearby Ellesmere Port restaurants

Everybody loves Chinese food, don’t they? How could you not? However, do you find it a struggle to find the will to go out and dine? After all, you must brave the elements, potentially long queues and a noisy environment. Well, with Deliveroo’s restaurant-to-home delivery service right here in Ellesmere Port, there’s now no chance of you avoiding this culinary classic.

Whether you’re a one for wontons or a sucker for spring rolls, Chinese food caters for all the family. If it’s just you and a loved one, why not share a bag of delicious and moreish prawn crackers? Just don’t hog the whole lot and try not to get crumbs everywhere, or there’ll be hell to pay. Chicken and sweetcorn soup is also a popular starter, especially for those who love a lighter meal before tucking into ample servings of delicious Chinese food.

The best Chinese food at your fingertips

There are so many fantastic Chinese restaurants next to Ellesmere Port that you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice when you click and browse online with Deliveroo. The hardest part will be choosing from the more reputable restaurants and fantastic choices, this is no average takeaway. We’ll do the hard work, just make sure those plates are ready!

Whether you fancy traditional yet tasty dishes like sweet and sour pork or beef with green pepper in black bean sauce, or you go more exotic with char sui in Cantonese sauce, you’ll be licking your lips as well as your plate. Don’t worry though. You’re at home, not in a restaurant. Somehow, we’ve gone all this way without mentioning the delightfully delectable feast of crispy duck and pancakes. How many of those delicious pancakes can you get through? Stack them up on your mouth-watering order.

Why not finish off your feast with a scrumptious dessert? Banana and pineapple fritters are a perfect way to finish off the tastiest of meals. Cooked in the most delicious of batters, their crispiness and fantastic flavour will leave you satisfied until breakfast the next day. Another Deliveroo, everyone?