Order Chinese takeaway from nearby Durham restaurants

A Chinese takeaway is pratically a British instiution these days, with people all over the UK loving the flavours from the Far East. Ideal for a banquet to entertain family and friends, and equally lovely to tuck into when you want to relax after work, Chinese food is a firm favourite everywhere. In Durham, there are plenty of excellent Chinese restaurants around the city,

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Durham: Find scrumptious Chinese dishes throughout the city

In Chinese cuisine, rice, seafood and meat combine to make delicious dishes, with aromatic flavours. Authentic Chinese restaurants pay special attention to presentation and aroma, giving a delicious twist o every bite you take. Different regions of China offer their own specialities, all of which are generally on offer from restaurants in Durham. A Hong Kong favourite is prawn dumpling soup, with minced prawn and eggs floating in a delicious noodle broth.

Szcheuan spicy fish, honey-walnut shrimp, or Cantonese style lobster in are all delicious if you want a fish dish. Or, if you’re in the mood for some meat go for mapo tofu, which consists of pork, beans and veg in a special sauce. Or, try Chow Mein, for a fried noodle dish with various meats and seafood.

Tuck into a Cantonese-style sweet and sour for that delicious, moreish flavour. Served with fragrant white rice, it’s a real taste sensation. It’s simple to find veggie alternatives to your favourite dishes too, so make sure you keep an eye out in our listings. Whether you want a big banquet, or you’re just looking for your favourite dish, Deliveroo can help.