Chinese takeaway from nearby Belfast restaurants

Ever since the 1960s there’s been a sizeable Chinese population in Belfast, and Chinese cuisine thrives in the city. All of which is great news if you’re looking for a delicious Chinese feast to be delivered to your home. At Deliveroo we know the joys of sitting down to all your favourite Chinese dishes, whether that’s with friends or all by yourself in front of your favourite food. After all, everyone deserves a treat now and again!

So if you can’t wait to get your hands on that sweet and sour Cantonese-style chicken, or some tasty spare ribs, have a look through our listings. We’ve put together listings from all the best Chinese restaurants across the city for you to choose from. Have a look through, order online from your favourite restaurant and we’ll make the delivery as soon as we can. It’s as easy as that!

Belfast: Loads of gorgeous Chinese dishes available today!

There’s nothing quite like a Chinese takeaway. Everyone has a favourite dish, whether that’s a Chinese-style curry, a fried noodle dish or special fried rice. And it’s one of the best foods to order in for a takeaway if you’re looking to feed a big group of friends and family. A simple way to get a crowd-pleasing banquet ready with minimal effort and fuss – perfect!

Stuck for ideas or not sure what to order? How about gong bao chicken? This is a Sichuan-style dish made with dried chilli, fried peanuts and chicken. The Western version has a sweet and sour sauce with extra garlic added and is fried in a similar way to sweet and sour chicken or pork dishes. Or how about a chow mein dish? This is basically a catch-all term for stir-fried noodles, which are mixed with different meats, onions and celery.

For something a bit different, or for a starter, try wontons or dumplings. Both are dough-based snacks stuffed with chicken, diced prawns, beef and vegetables. If you’re looking for something vegetarian, tofu is a popular meat substitute, and there are plenty of veggie-only dishes as well. Enjoy!