Chinese takeaway? It's more than that

Nothing compares to the variety and diversity of authentic Chinese food. The country is full of different regional cuisines, and dishes range from sweet and sour to spicy and savoury, as well as everything in between. There’s food to satisfy carnivores, seafood-lovers and vegetarians alike, so you’re bound to find something that takes your fancy. So whether you’re eating alone or entertaining guests, Chinese cuisine has choices to suit everyone.

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UK: Chinese cuisine can make your gastronomic dreams come true

Chinese fare has been around for so long in the UK that it has become part of the nation's food heritage. Take your time and relish those moreish classic appetizers. Who can resist plump dim sum, spring rolls, scallion pancakes or succulent steamed shrimp dumplings? Every good restaurant has its house wanton soup that is sure to satisfy any palate, while classic chicken rice and noodle soup is another welcome dish at the table. And stir-fried kai lan vegetables are a great side-order to any entrée.

Main courses are also infinitely diverse and delicious. Perhaps you’re craving a warm bowl of ma po braised tofu, with its wonderful black beans, succulent minced beef or pork, and delicious hot spicy sauce. Or you could have a traditional roast Peking duck, dressed with a tantalising hoi sin sauce and served with wafer-thin steamed pancakes. The vegetarian version uses seitan, and is just as delectable.

Thanks to Deliveroo, you can now enjoy genuine Chinese restaurant-quality food at home or even in the office. Simply enter your postcode online to discover local restaurants, choose your favourite dishes, and place an order. We’ll bring it directly to your door in no time at all.